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Three properties earn UL Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Air

During the Spring of 2022, three commercial real estate properties owned and operated by The Brick Companies (TBC) earned their UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air. Committed to providing healthy indoor environments for building tenants and their guests, TBC participated in a thorough evaluation process that included an audit, on-site inspections, visual inspection, and IAQ performance testing, among other assessments. The results of the tests show that these buildings have excellent indoor air quality.

“We are proud of having achieved this milestone toward supporting healthier indoor spaces for our occupants,” said Amy Natoli, Vice President of Risk and Property Management for The Brick Companies. The UL Verified Healthy Building achievement acts as a critical milestone in TBC’s commitment to delivering indoor spaces with excellent indoor air quality that supports tenant health and general well-being. As a part of this program, The Brick Companies’ commercial real estate properties will undergo an annual reassessment coupled with surveillance at the midyear point to maintain the verification mark and advancement of quality indoor air.

The properties listed below had individual air testing and achieved their own verification:

To learn more about the UL Verified Healthy Building program, please visit

To learn more about the commercial real estate division of The Brick Companies or are interested in becoming a tenant, please click here or contact Amy Natoli at


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