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Co-CEOs Joan Renner and Julie Natoli Celebrated by Leadership Anne Arundel

Joan Renner and Julie Natoli, the Co-CEOs of The Brick Companies (TBC), are set to be honored at Leadership Anne Arundel (LAA) County's Annual New Leaders Celebration on May 2, 2024, at Carroll's Creek Cafe in Annapolis. Their leadership journey began on May 1, 2023, when they were promoted to the top executive positions, symbolizing a new era for TBC.


Under their guidance, The Brick Companies has continued its mission of maintaining a diverse investment portfolio while enhancing the value and appeal of its properties. Renner and Natoli have successfully upheld TBC’s ethos of community contribution and environmental care, embodying the company's longstanding tradition of corporate social responsibility.


Leadership Anne Arundel's New Leaders Celebration is an eagerly anticipated event that draws attention to local leaders who have taken significant new roles over the past year. The event recognizes leadership excellence and underscores these leaders' commitment to the betterment of Anne Arundel County. Renner and Natoli's inclusion in this year's celebration is a testament to their impactful leadership and the positive changes they have initiated at The Brick Companies.


Nominations for the honor come from LAA alumni and the broader community, spotlighting those who have assumed vital leadership roles, whether in non-profit, government, or for-profit sectors, affecting Anne Arundel County since March 2023. This recognition underscores the importance of leadership that significantly benefits the local community and reinforces the value of proactive community engagement and stewardship.


As the Co-CEOs of The Brick Companies, Renner and Natoli have exemplified leadership that not only drives business success but also fosters community well-being and environmental sustainability, aligning perfectly with the spirit of Leadership Anne Arundel’s mission to celebrate and cultivate leaders who make a difference.

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