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The Brick Companies is passionate about our commitment to SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP. This two-pronged approach to GOOD WORKS allows us to remain focused on inspiring and benefitting others and preserving our planet.


String of Pearls - Queenstown Harbor

String of Pearls honors those who preserve land “forever” in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The Brick Companies donated 198 acres of Queenstown Harbor property for “conservation easements”, which restricts the land from being developed.  These “pearls” remain in their natural state. 

Environmental Leader in Golf Award - Queenstown Harbor
Golf courses within hailing distance of the environmentally sensitive Chesapeake Bay typically set the bar fairly high in terms of their stewardship of the land. But even among those stars, Queenstown Harbor and its director of golf and grounds, John R. Anderes, CGCS, stand out, a fact further solidified by the course receiving the 2012 ELGA (Environmental Leader in Golf Award) National Public Course winner.

Solar Array - Queenstown Harbor
A large ground-mounted energy-producing solar array has been dedicated on the grounds of the Queenstown Harbor Golf Course. This array will provide as much as 30% of the current energy needs, saving approximately $12,000 per year in energy costs and resulting in a return on our investment of as much as 25%. Click here to track our Solar Array’s energy production in real-time.

Certified Clean Marinas - Atlantic Marinas
Each of our Marinas (Atlantic Marina on the Patapsco, on the Magothy and at Ferry Point) are proud to be certified as Maryland Clean Marinas. The Maryland Clean Marina Initiative recognizes and promotes marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs of any size that meet legal requirements and voluntarily adopt pollution prevention practices. 

Wind Energy
Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES) and The Brick Companies (TBC) have partnered to provide 100% wind energy for all of TBC’s Maryland properties. The purchase of approximately 11.6 million kWh of WGES wind power will help reduce energy costs to our tenants by as much as 30% and is equivalent to taking more than 1,568 cars off the road for one year!

Carbon Neutrality
Most of TBC’s Maryland properties are “carbon neutral”, meaning that the CO2 released into the atmosphere from our operations is offset by an equivalent amount being removed. Through our energy supply contract with Constellation Energy, we purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for our carbon offsetting. These RECs are sourced from wind renewable resources located within the United States, and they are Green-e® Energy certified. While we continually look for ways to reduce our energy consumption by things like retrofitting light fixtures to LED, these offsets help us reduce the environmental impact of our electricity use.




In August 2021, the Commercial Real Estate division of TBC added a honey-producing beehive to the rooftop of our Gaithersburg Lakefront office building at The Rio. The hive was installed by our partner Alveole. The TBC Beehive has 6 frames which generated our first round of honey in the Fall of 2022. Check out the pictures below and follow our blog for regular updates.

Did you know: Pollinators are responsible for the pollination of more than 130 varieties of fruit and vegetables - that is a third of the food we eat. And bees will visit up to 4,500,000 flowers to produce approximately 2 pounds of honey.

Bees contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different species to co-exist and we are proud to provide them a home to thrive!


We believe that every individual and every business has an obligation to do what they can to ensure the health of our environment.  We collaborate with organizations that are working hard to ensure a better environment for all of us. Our environmental partners include:

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Annapolis Green
Audubon MD/DC
Back Creek Conservancy
Chesapeake Conservancy
Chesapeake Waterfowl Inc
National Wildlife Federation

Scenic River Land Trust

Severn Riverkeepers

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Students for Streams

The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The South River Federation    

West Rhode Riverkeepers

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Preserving and conserving unique natural spaces that reconnect people to the land

and inspire others to do the same.

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