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The Power of Green Drinks: Building an Annapolis Green Community

Annapolis, MD - On Tuesday, July 11, The Brick Companies' employee resource group, Go Green!, proudly partnered with Annapolis Green to sponsor the Green Drinks event at the picturesque Paca House Gardens. This gathering served as a platform for individuals who share a deep passion for the environment, fostering connections and facilitating knowledge sharing.

Throughout the evening, Annapolis Green took the opportunity to promote Plastic Free July, encouraging attendees to join the movement and reduce plastic consumption. The event offered a unique blend of cocktails, conversation, and eco-consciousness, creating an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all.

Green Drinks is not just your typical social event; it is a gathering specifically designed for individuals who genuinely care about the environment. At the core of Green Drinks' philosophy is the belief that meeting face-to-face in a casual and relaxed atmosphere is the most effective way to get to know one another, collaborate locally, and work towards a sustainable future. The idyllic Paca House Gardens provided a serene and harmonious backdrop, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and sustainability. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, sharing their experiences, ideas, and visions for a greener future.

The partnership between The Brick Companies and Annapolis Green highlights a shared commitment to promoting sustainable practices and engaging the local community. By supporting Green Drinks, both organizations have demonstrated their dedication to creating a positive impact at the grassroots level and actively contributing to the development of a thriving and sustainable future for our community.


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