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Lives Changed at the Mutt March Fundraiser

Updated: Apr 4

On Saturday, March 9, when the rain and cold seemed to cast a shadow over spirits, The Brick Companies Foundation brought together volunteers and a canine-loving community for a purpose much greater than themselves for the 2024 Mutt March. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, the fundraiser was a beacon of hope and joy, proving that a little rain couldn't dampen the spirits of those dedicated to making a difference for the YMCA’s Camp Letts and the Maryland Senior Dog Sanctuary (SDS).

This special event wasn't just a fundraiser but a beacon of hope for dogs needing a fur-ever home. Among the heartwarming stories of the day, one stands out: the story of Rocky. Adrienne and Tom Meredith, employees of Atlantic Marinas, were devastated after losing their beloved 16-year-old dog. However, despite the heavy weight of grief and the cold rain, Adrienne selflessly volunteered at the Mutt March event. It was a day that would change their lives forever.

The event became the setting of a serendipitous meeting between Adrienne and a senior dog named Rocky. As Adrienne was chatting with a small group of people, Rocky and a volunteer from SDS approached the group. In a moment that seemed to defy the day’s gloom, Rocky sat on Adrienne’s foot and looked up with those big brown eyes that said, "You're my person." And just like that, a bond was formed. Adrienne knew deep down that Rocky was the one, and she immediately called Tom, who was working. Tom started the paperwork to adopt Rocky before she even left the event. A couple of weeks later, they picked up Rocky from the Senior Dog Sanctuary, and he has been living his best life ever since.

Rocky's journey to his forever home was not easy. He endured hardship and neglect before finding solace at the Senior Dog Sanctuary. According to the Anne Arundel County shelter, his previous owner surrendered him in poor condition and underweight. His intake form at the shelter listed him as a “sweet older boy" without indicating how long Rocky had been there before being rescued by SDS.

Despite his past, Rocky remains a gentle soul and has quickly adapted to life with Adrienne and Tom. Now a cherished member of the Meredith family and a beloved figure at the marinas, Rocky's days are filled with love, sunshine, and adventure. Whether he's lounging in the office, basking in sunbeams, confidently navigating the docks, or going on an after-work boat ride with the team, Rocky's easygoing nature and love for life are contagious. He embodies resilience, showing that there’s always a chance for a new chapter no matter what life throws your way.

The Mutt March may not have raised as much money as hoped, but it achieved something far greater: it changed the life of a senior dog in need and brought joy to his fur-ever family.  Rocky's story is a testament to the impact of giving back and the profound difference we can make when we come together for a common cause. 

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