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Launch Workplaces In The News

On March 16, Launch Workplaces and CEO, Mike Kriel were featured in the Remote Report, an outlet that reports on news and insights on the business of remote work.

Please read an excerpt from the article, "Co-working spaces poised for comeback as businesses adopt hybrid office model".

Co-working spaces, like many other businesses, were caught flat-footed by the drastic drop in activity when the pandemic hit last year.

Almost overnight, people worldwide fled shared offices to work from the safety of their homes. The drastic drop in customers forced some co-working centers to close, while others had to rapidly adapt their offering to weather the coronavirus storm.

Now, with employers growing more optimistic that it will be safe for staff to return in the near term, demand is poised to rebound this year as many organizations consider allowing employees to continue to work remotely at least on a partial basis, real-estate experts and business operators say.

“People want to return to work,” said Mike Kriel, chief executive officer of Launch Workplaces, a Maryland-based provider of co-working spaces. “The nuance is they don’t want to return to work the way they used to. They don’t want 40 hours five days a week in the same space.”

Such a shift to a so-called hybrid office model, where staff come into the office a few days a week and work remotely the rest, may help employers and employees find middle ground.

Click HERE to read the entire article.

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