Good Works

TBC is passionate about our commitment to Social Responsibility and Environmental Leadership. Our two-pronged approach to Good Works keeps us focused on making a positive difference in our communities and for our planet.

Our Mission

Social Responsibility— Support programs and initiatives that benefit our employees and the communities in which our businesses operate

Environmental Leadership— Preserve and conserve unique natural spaces that reconnect people to the land and inspire others to do the same


Protection and enhancement of our natural environment is central to our corporate environmental stewardship program at The Brick Companies and we’re proud to share the results of our work.

Of course there’s much more to be done, but on the following pages you’ll see a sampling of what we have taken on as part of our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. As we continue to explore new ways to support our “Good Works” philosophy, we hope you’ll do the same, perhaps using this website to generate ideas for environmental initiatives at your company, home and community.

Our long-term commitment is to increase awareness of environmental issues and engage people at every level, so we hope to “plant the seed” and inspire you to join us in this important mission.

Lex Birney
CEO | The Brick Companies